IBM LTO-4 95P4436 A dependable & Top Data Storage Cartridge In Backup World

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Published: 21st March 2012
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LTO tape (linear tape open) technology solved substantially and successfully data storage problem those were facing by many enterprises worldwide. With backup tape storage option is most economical and reliable. There is growing need to improve these LTO cartridge performance and data store capacity with continue advancements. Data centers, medium or large scale enterprises, government agencies, health care centers, financial institutes, busy workstations they are all facing enormous challenges. The growing and rapidly increasing data traffic, sensitive information’s, emails create pressure to have a storage solution which can operate better with huge storage capacity, speed, durability and security. These companies are compulsory to unveil the data publicly. Manufacturers of data backup storage devices working impatiently to overcome this demanding growth of data base.
IBM is one of the pioneer and Co founders of LTO technology back in 90,s and work continuously with data storage products. IBM develops IBM lto 4 tape, which is smart addition in its growing data storage family. First of its kind has been designed by IBM professionally skilled team of researcher which is very reliable with fast transfer speed and featuring with huge storage capacity. IBM 95p4436, Ultrium cartridge is multifunctional backup storage solution. This has ability to store 800GB natively and 1.6 Terabyte with compressed formation storage data which is already a dynamic feature compare with IBM LTO-1, IBM LTO-2, IBM LTO-3. Increased cartridge storage capacity helps decrease the quantity of equipments, space and human involvement for daily base operations in addition, it helps to lessen the number of cartridge and time linked with data backup and restoring operation and consequently helping lower operational costs. The transfer rate of IBM LTO-4 cartridge is 80MB/Sec and with compressed transfer speed up to 160MB/Sec and it is also compatible with all outstanding LTO4 driver or auto loader available in market. This cartridge is exceptional choice for enterprises of small, medium or large scale, because these LTO-4 format tapes are so reliable and affordable.
IBMlto-4, cartridge is also equipped with superior cartridge memory chip which also known as LTO-CM which tackle the fast, simultaneous operations use for cartridge dependent data, applicable information as well as archived most valuable and sensitive data and transaction with IBM tape drives during media loading and unloading. These memory chips also handle all sort of outgoing and incoming traffic and assist with LTO-4 tape drives in read/write data perfectly and effectively. IBMLTO-4 tape cartridge equipped with WROM (write once and read many) feature which was previously installed in IBM LTO-3 media format tapes.
IBM lto 4 tape, Ultrium cartridges are tested extensively for very busy and hard conditions with very well mannered design. IBM creative engineering, explore and develop, built-up process and product management, professionally producing high quality and durable LTO-4 tape cartridges. These devoted skilled expertises uphold high quality and durability of IBM LTO-4 tapes all through their product life cycle. And superiority control process all through the media assembly and tape production of these LTO-4 Ultrium media is very strictly observed. This is the prime reason behind IBM lto 4 tapes, success which goes beyond the requirement of LTO technology. IBM LTO-4 tapes carrying the features for data archiving and data storage backup these are heavily demanded by data mangers worldwide. Because of LTO 4 95P4436, outstanding, reliability, high speed, cost effective, data protection and high capacity with low power and operational cost make IBM LTO-4 most preferred storage tape.
IBM is reliable name in data storage backup devices. Data manager and accounts administrator of medium or large enterprises prefer IBM LTO-4 storage tape cartridge.
Harry Hanson(itdevicesonline)

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